Friday, February 17, 2012

**NOT RECOMMENDED** A Kiss At Midnight by Eloisa James

A Kiss at MidnightA Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Sensuality Rating: HOT (Major Scene Skipping)

Miss Kate Daltry doesn't believe in fairy tales . . . or happily ever after.

Forced by her stepmother to attend a ball, Kate meets a prince . . . and decides he's anything but charming. A clash of wits and wills ensues, but they both know their irresistible attraction will lead nowhere. For Gabriel is promised to another woman—a princess whose hand in marriage will fulfill his ruthless ambitions.

Gabriel likes his fiancee, which is a welcome turn of events, but he doesn't love her. Obviously, he should be wooing his bride-to-be, not the witty, impoverished beauty who refuses to fawn over him.

Godmothers and glass slippers notwithstanding, this is one fairy tale in which destiny conspires to destroy any chance that Kate and Gabriel might have a happily ever after.

Unless a prince throws away everything that makes him noble . . .

Unless a dowry of an unruly heart trumps a fortune . . .

Unless one kiss at the stroke of midnight changes everything.

This book started out with such promise that I was excited to find out how Ms. James would turn this "fairytale" into something new. As you can see from my stars I was disappointed.

The heroine started out with "morals" and over a weekend lost her mind and gives it all away... If I had read the prince say "just one more time" or "Just the one night" I would have stopped reading and moved on to another book. The heroine had spunk and there was a lot of witty banter between the two but all was overshadowed in my mind with the MULTIPLE sex scenes that ruined this book for me. What kind of woman would allow a man that is engaged to another woman allow a man to pull her off to the side and "make love"( for lack of a better word) at a betrothal party with the other woman there... disturbing, disappointing and ridiculousness...

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