Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beneath the Honeysuckle Vine by Marcia Lynn McClure

Beneath the Honeysuckle VineBeneath the Honeysuckle Vine by Marcia Lynn McClure

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sensuality Rating: Sweet

Civil War-no one could flee from the nightmare of battle and the countless lives it devoured. Everyone had sacrificed-suffered profound misery and unimaginable loss. Vivianna Bartholomew was no exception. The war had torn her from her home-orphaned her. The merciless war seemed to take everything-even the man she loved. Still, Vivianna yet knew gratitude-for a kind friend had taken her in upon the death of her parents. Thus, she was cared for-even loved. Yet, as General Lee surrendered signaling the war's imminent end-as Vivianna remained with the remnants of the Turner family-her soul clung to the letters written by her lost soldier-to his memory written in her heart. Could a woman ever heal from the loss of such a love? Could a woman's heart forget that it may find another? Vivianna Bartholomew thought not. Still, it is often in the world that miracles occur-that love endures even after hope has been abandoned. Thus, one balmy Alabama morning-as two ragged soldiers wound the road toward the Turner house-Vivianna began to know-to know that miracles do exist-that love is never truly lost.

This was an excellent book!!! A story of a loyal girl in love that finds when her love returns is no longer the man he once was. Now she must make a choice to stand by him or follow her heart in another direction.
SO SWEET! Marcia's writing is so clear. She can weave a story that is so endearing and creative and that you finish the book with all your questions answered! GREAT BOOK!

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